The C word!!

Hello folks!

35 weeks along here and baby is doing great….EXCEPT….he is stubborn!

By this point in the pregnancy, most babies have made their way head down in preparation for a smooth vaginal delivery! Not this kid! He is lying TRANSVERSE! This kid did not get the memo that we have T-5 weeks ’til D-DAY! Though normal in early to mid pregnancy, the baby needs to stop being sideways in the last trimester of pregnancy to get ready to travel the pelvis. The baby who is lying sideways cannot be born vaginally. The baby has to get vertical to fit through the pelvis. A breech or vertex (head down) baby can usually fit. The baby in a transverse lie can not fit. Labor contractions cannot bring this baby through the pelvis



Transverse position is considered a breech position, meaning my midwife will not let me vaginally deliver a breech baby =0( Too Risky or something like that. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN…I dare not even shutter the word….C-SECTION??!!??!!

Okay, let’s not get too excited yet. We still have give or take 5 weeks, and at my last appointment, yesterday, the baby still has a TON of amniotic fluid to flip around in. And, might I mention, my son too was transverse too up until 35 weeks. My midwife said it just might be the most comfortable place to lie right now.

Before I go on and schedule a C-section, let me explain some of our options on how to get this stubborn boy to flip head down.

Tilt Position – laying with your pelvis higher than your head for like 20 minutes a day. Talk about Pre-natal yoga! I guess it can’t hurt anything to try this one out.

Inversion- A little more intense tilt position. The Forward-leaning inversion is a classic.  Getting into an upside down position can increase the symmetry of the lower uterine segment; release spasming ligaments causing pelvic pain; or help a breech, an oblique (diagonal lie) or posterior baby reposition themselves.

Acupuncture- effective for fetal positioning, especially when done by an experienced professional.

Moxibustion- Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy using the burning of  the herb mugwort, in a cigar like stick. Heating the acupuncture points with a stick of mugwort incense, can be done at home inexpensively. A landmark study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1998 found that up to 75% of women suffering from breech presentations before childbirth had fetuses that rotated to the normal position after receiving moxibustion at an acupuncture point. Sounds like some witch craft to me, but I am more support of trying witch craft than taking 6 weeks to heal from C-section.


External Cephalic version (EVC)- This is when an OB/GYN will manually with his hands try to turn the baby. I have heard this hurts and pain meds, sometimes an epidural is needed during the procedure =0( NO THANK YOU! The picture is a little confusing, just to clarify, the doctors hands on top of my stomach (hints the name EXTERNAL), nothing or no one in me!

I have another appointment on Monday to discuss these options to turn the baby. In the mean time, please send positive flipping throughts…HEAD DOWN, HEAD DOWN.

Full term baby is 37 weeks  (I know confusing, we were told pregnancy is a 40 week journey), just means at 37 weeks the baby is fully formed and healthy to STRIVE in the outside world. Anything past 37 weeks is like the ‘green light’ to go into labor. My son was born at 39 weeks, and I am 35 weeks…. TIME is NOT ON OUR SIDE, I could go into labor in as little as two weeks!

TURN BABY TURN, because you know I’ll go kickin’ and screamin’ into that Operation room for a C-section….


Soap Box

There are very few things in life I advocate for. I am pretty laid back in my opinions when it comes to heated subjects like religion, politics, abortion, and money. I take my stance and keep to myself. BUT, there is one thing I am very passionate about…natural birth and midwife care. Because this is my blog, I am going to take this opportunity to try to brainwash you guys and stand on my soap box.

When I was pregnant with my son I was exposed to a documentary called “The Business of being born”. It changed my life. I have made a few of my friends watch it with me and continue to share its message.

Check our the movie or the trailer

This documentary  it compares various childbirth methods, including midwivesnatural birthsepidurals, and Cesarean sections.The film criticizes the American health care system with its emphasis on drugs and costly interventions and its view of childbirth as a medical emergency rather than a natural occurrence.

Childbirth is 100% natural and is something a woman’s body is COMPLETELY able to do on its own.

Here are some disturbing facts:

The US has one of the highest Maternal death rates of all the industrialzed countries

1 in 3 women get a C-section

When a women has a C-secion oxytocin is not released in the brain as it would during a vaginal birth, and thus the mother child bond is not made as strongly

Babies whose mothers had epidurals may be somewhat groggy for some period after their births, and their mothers may need additional help with breastfeeding

When mothers labors are induced using unnatural drugs like Pitocin; labors have longer, harder and more painful uterine contractions (No, thank you, labor hurts enough already). Additional reported risks of induction are: For the mother: Higher rate of complicated labors and deliveries, greater need for analgesics and anesthetics, postpartum hemorrhage and a higher rate of placental rupture and separation life-threatening to both the mother and baby.

Yikes! Scary stuff, just let nature do its job. Trust your body it knows what to do. These drugs/interventions were probably invented by a man who has never had the pleasure of carrying and delivering a child.

Midwives attend over 70% of all births in Europe (and they rarely lose mom’s or babies, unlike the good ‘ole USA). In the US, midwifes only attend less than 8% of births!

Most OB/GYN students NEVER deliver a natural vaginal birth during school/residency.  OB/GYNs are TRAINED SURGEONS, pretty sure having a baby does not require surgery.

The highest rate of C-sections are done at 4pm and 10pm, how convientient for the OB/GYN, cuts someone open so they can be home in time for dinner or when their night shift is over.

Women are put on their back’s and legs up to push out a baby so the DOCTOR is comfortable sitting in his/her stool because heaven forbid he/she have to bend down to accmodate the laboring mother. Being on your back makes you pelvis smaller and lets the mother have ABSOLUTELY NO HELP from gravity. I know I need all 9.8 m/s/s of gravity helping me deliver my almost 9 lb baby.

Epidurals are associated with longer labors.

Okay enough of my brainwashing, but I feel very strongly about this. Watch the documentary and decide for yourself your stance of the issue. You will be surprised =0) Giving birth to my son was the most AMAZING thing I have ever done and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I plan to have the same birth plan for this baby because call me selfish but I don’t not want a longer labor or an increased chance of having a C-secion.

Sidenote: You may think I am bashing OB/GYN’s, that’s not the case. Some babies need to be delivered by C-section and thank goodness we have those trained surgeons.

Enough of my yappin’, now about the baby. I’m now 29 weeks! The baby is measuring at 32 weeks, 3 lbs so far! We have another big baby boy on our hands. Total weight gain now is 20 LBS!  My goal is to have a total weight gain of 30 lbs, so we have 10 more lbs to go! It’s not very hard considering I’m always hungry and love to eat. I feel great and am thankful the weather will start to cool down here soon. The baby’s parents have booked their flight out December 4th. I am due December 15th, all stars aligned they will be here when I go into labor! Fingers crossed.

24 weeks

I know, I know. I am the worst blogger of all time! I have not posted in 2 months! Shame on me, let’s waste no more time and I’ll fill you in.

I am now 24 weeks pregnant. I now have pot belly to show for all this hard work and I have gained 13 lbs. We found out that the baby is a BOY! We got to see his little weenis clear as day at our last ultrasound. I am feeling wonderful and have to say my keys for success are working out (3x a week weight training, 1-2x a week Cardio, spin class is getting interesting as my belly touches my knees), lots of water and high fiber foods. I get lots of weird looks at the gym when I’m doing 100 reps of squats BUT can assure you my midwife gave me go-a-head and said I need to “train for labor”. I don’t want to be in labor for days so I have been keeping up my normal routine at the gym in preparation for the big day.

Baby Boy is now over 1 lb! I finally feel comfortable with this pregnancy in regards to losing the twin. I was so scared I would lose both babies, but now as my belly gets more and more round I feel more at ease =0) Thank you Jesus. He is a very active baby and luckily, because initially this was a high risk twin pregnancy, I get to have frequent ultrasounds to peek in on baby boy. When I was pregnant with my son I only had one ultrasound done the entire pregnancy! With this pregnancy I have been so lucky to have an ultrasound done every 4 weeks. I must say it’s a little excessive, but I like the peace of mind it gives me when I see the heartbeat. The parents of the baby also wanted all kinds of tests done to see if the baby had any chromosomal abnormalities ie down syndrome. Every test has been negative and we have a very healthy happy baby boy growing inside.

The most common question I have be asked during this pregnancy is….. DO YOU THINK IT WILL BE HARD TO GIVE UP THE BABY? Simple answer…NO.

I’m just the babysitter for 9 months. I know its not mine, and its a different bond that I have had with this baby. I was a nanny though out college and I was with those children for hours  a day. I loved them and grew very close to the children but when their parents came home I didn’t feel they were mine because I cared for them and bonded with them all day. That is how I feel about this pregnancy. I’m just the nanny for 9 months, making sure he is feed well and has a warm place to sleep . In December his parents will take over =0)

As of now I see the my midwife every 4 weeks and my Perinatologist every 4 weeks. I am still taking my prenatal along with my fish oil everyday (suspose to help grow a big, smart baby, our goal is a 9 pounder). I have been lucky to have a pretty boring pregnancy so far. Boring is good in the pregnancy world =0)




Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, to be honest, nothing really is going on. Pregnancy is boring, and that’s a good thing!! I’m 14 weeks this week and the baby is looking great. Heartbeat is nice and strong, and I can even feel the little bean moving around in there.

Before I really researched the surrogacy process, I thought it would be a fairly elementary process to get pregnant. I figured it would be something like ‘sperm in a turkey baster’ kind of thing. Boy was I WRONG! During the early part of the surrogacy process I met with a nurse who explained to me the HUGE LIST of medications I would have to be on in order to become pregnant. She explained what role they played in manipulating my cycle to become pregnant. I was a little hesitant at first because I am not a huge fan a synthetic hormones going into my body. In a perfect world I wish I could have done this surrogacy process without using and synthetic hormones/ drugs. BUT, I know that’s not going to be an option when you’re doing something “not natural” ie getting pregnant with someone’s baby . So, I got over my hesitation and realized the big picture, to bring a beautiful baby into this world for someone who is not able to.

I had to start on hormone therapy A MONTH before the embryo transfer (February), and had to continue until I was 12 WEEKS PREGNANT (June)!

I had loved every part of this surrogacy journey, but come on, who likes getting aN 18 gage needle in their butt every SINGLE DAY! I am officially off all my meds (just take a pre-natal everyday), and I want to break it down for you to celebrate!!! WOOHOOOO!!

(p.s. not my

butt, I wish I was

that tan!)

40 Shots of Lupron in my stomach (1 shot a day)

65 Shots with an 18 gage needle in my a$$ of Progesterone  (1 shot a day) The shots them self didn’t hurt (I had my amazing Husband administer them), it was two hours after golf ball size knots formed I couldn’t walk OR sit down.

400 Estrogen pills, taken orally (2 pills, 2x a day, thank you Estrogen for the night sweats!)

128 capsules of Prometrium (2 capsules every night)  inserted into my va-jay-jay EVERY NIGHT. These were very unpleasant, just imagine gooeyness dripping out while you’re trying to sleep, accompanied by severe itching. Ya, felt like I had a yeast infection and then put poison ivy in my underwear.

100 baby aspirin (1 pill a day)

                                            GETTING PREGNANT WAS HARD, PAINFUL, FULL OF BRUISES,



every time I hear that heartbeat




10 weeks

“An Angel with the book of life wrote down my baby’s birth, and whispered as she closed the book, “too beautiful for earth”

Yesterday was my 10 week ultrasound, the results were not the best. Baby A had no heartbeat. It measured at 8 weeks and 2 days. Baby B looked great ( I even got to see it moving around), strong heat beat of 170 and was measuring at 10 weeks. I feel sad for the baby and for the parents. The parents took the news well, they prepare all of us for this because it is very common. It’s called Vanishing Twin Syndrome.

Vanishing Twin syndrome is when at an earlier ultrasound (7 Weeks) two babies are seen and two heart beats are detected. At the next ultrasound (10 weeks) only one heart beat is detected. The other fetus is usually absorbed back (litteraly vanishing) into the mothers body. The cause of vanishing twin syndrome is frequently unknown. Abnormalities that result in the vanishing twin appear to be present from early in development rather than from a sudden occurrence. Analysis of the placenta and/or fetal tissue frequently reveals chromosomal abnormalities, while the surviving twin is usually normal. It’s kinda like survival of the fittest in the womb. The stronger twin takes the nutrients from the weaker one to grow big and strong. Baby A was still seen in my ultrasound, the doctor said it might reabsorb over a few weeks, and it might just come out when I deliver baby B in all the fluids/blood. We will be able to tell at my next ultrasound in a few weeks. The reason vanishing twin syndrome is so common now is because early ultrasounds are now being done in twin pregnancies. Before, the mother would have her first ultrasound at 12 weeks and the other twin would have already passed and been absorbed without the mother or doctor ever knowing.

I am a very positive person and thats what I am going to do with this sad news, make it into a positive outcome. I am going to focus all my energy on growing Baby B to be big, healthy and strong.

Because I am no longer carrying twins, I am able to be seen by my midwife again!! I will be able to strive for a vaginal natural birth! During my brief twin pregnancy, I was very scared of the unknown. With my newly singleton pregnancy, I have been there before and know what to expect.

Fertile Myrtle

Well folks today marks 7 weeks pregnant, and the day of the big ultrasound. If you remember they transferred two embryos in me…well…. I’m pregnant with TWINS!!

Holy S*!t ! Sorry but there are just no other words to describe it! I am still in shock. I have a lot of things running through my head right now. First things first, they found two strong heartbeats which is wonderful news. I’m so happy the babies are thriving and healthy. Secondly, I know I am capable of growing huge healthy single babies in my uterus… but TWINS? To be honest I’m so scared! There is so much more to worry about when carrying twins. When ever I think of twins, I picture these 2lb miracles in an incubator fighting for their little life =0(. Not exactly the image I want stuck in my head while my belly is growing. Third, most of you reading this blog know me very well. I’m that girl who puts on make-up to go to the gym and wears 6” high heels when ever I get the chance . I’m not ashamed to admit my flaws and know I can be a little vain at times. With a twin pregnancy it is recommended that a woman gain 45 LBS! GLUP. OH MY LORDY! With my first pregnancy I gained 30 lbs and worked my *little* butt off losing it after my son was born. 45 lbs sounds like a whole lot of time on the treadmill. I keep telling myself, “J Lo , Jenna Jameson, Angelina Jolie, and Marcia Cross all had twins and they look AMAZING post baby, it can be done”. Then I say back to myself,  “Crap they are all rich and probably had a tummy tuck after their C-section, dammit.” Since were on the topic of getting fat, I’m going to have to increase my calorie intake to 2700 calories a day to stay on pace for a healthy 45 lb weight gain. Just to give you a gage, most of you probably take in 1200-2000 calories a day. During the first half of my  pregnancy, I am suppose to gain one pound a week. During the second half, I am encouraged to gain a bit more than a pound a week!! I know it sounds like the greatest gig on earth being able to eat whatever I want but don’t bring on the cookie dough ice cream just yet, I want to be healthy about those extra calories eating foods high in protein and whole grains. Side note: I’m only human and admit I have already made my husband go get Oreo Klondike bars at 10pm.

Other than my fear of looking like a huge round blueberry like Violet from Willy Wonka, I’m feeling pretty good. I have not had any morning sickness and my energy levels are still pretty good. My sense of smell is crazy and I can smell the flavor gum smacking in the mouth of someone 100 yards away! This super human pregnancy trait does not come in handy when my almost 2-year-old has a poopy diaper and I can smell it before it has even had time to mush around in there.

My next appointment is a 10 week ultrasound May 19th to make sure all is okay in womb. Keep these little peanuts in your thoughts and prayers and that they grow big and strong.

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